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Our Experience

Cain's Tree & Landscape has been serving the Mobile area for over 20 years. Owner Steve Cain has been successful in the tree business for 30 years. We have an ISA Certified Arborist and licensed Alabama Tree Surgeons on staff as well as experienced & talented tree crews which provide the total solution to improve and protect the value of your property.
With Cain’s Tree, you have just found the best service in the South!  Let us provide you with testimonials from your neighbors.  They are likely friends you already trust.
We offer a variety of lifting, thinning, reduction, fertilization, protection and other services.
Our landscape installation and construction teams are legendary in the area, bringing craftsmanship to every project.
Our ISA Certified Arborist and Licensed Tree Surgeons take on any tree project with expert professionalism, regardless of size.


What is Cain’s payment policy?

We hear of instances where large deposits are paid up front or projects are paid in full prior to completion, only to find the job was not performed properly.  Cain’s Tree and Landscape does not ask for large deposits or to be paid in full prior to service delivery.   We warn against contracting with companies who may ask you to conduct business in this manner.

Does Cain provide a guarantee on its service work?

Yes! Cain’s Tree Service provides a one year guarantee on our superior plant materials, and a longer time guarantee on hardscapes.  If an issue arises with your installation, you can count on Cain’s Tree  to be there until you are totally satisfied and return to fix problems is they occur.

Who can I call with questions?

At Cain’s Tree, we always stay close to you. We value your ideas and desires. Your initial contact with us sets the relationship for the entire job; from a proposal,  during implementation, and through job completion. A Cain’s Tree specialist will be assigned to oversee your entire project for start to finish.  This assures attention to detail, effective unbroken communication with you, and delightful results.

Will Cain’s Tree match competing bids?

Price disparities with out contracts are sometime based on providers who cut corners, sacrifice quality, provide cheap labor, or provide poorer less expensive materials.  At Cain’s Tree we price fairly, provide outstanding quality work and top quality materials. With us, you get value, quality performance and professional job delivery; while with others you may get a less than you expected, even when your initial cost is lower.

Which company should I choose?

We recommend that you get a several estimates, and then research the  price differentials you’ll receive from one company to the next.

  • What quality brands will materials be?

  • What certified experience does the bidder have?

  • What guarantees is provided and for what period of time?

  • Are an ISA Certified Arborist and Licensed Alabama Tree Surgeons and tree specialists on in-house staff?

  • Can they deliver local references that you know?

You know that not all contractors can have the same experience, and that some may cut corners. You also know that some aspects of landscaping and tree care require professional knowledge of standards and safety regulations. Cain’s Tree and Landscape. Inc. has a team of trained  professionals, ISA Certified Arborists, and Licensed Alabama Tree Surgeons on staff to ensure your project is delivered safely.  With Cain’s Tree Service, you always get quality!

What concerns should you have?

Don’t sign a contract with anyone demanding high dollar deposits up front. Don’t contract with a anyone that uses unknown materials, techniques or products. Beware of expensive change orders, and unreasonable completion dates. Make sure your contractor is licensed and bonded with proven liability insurance to cover your property value.




As you know, we live in midtown Mobile, and our home is covered by centuries old live oaks which are the pride of our city and the glory of our home.  Our daughter loves the canopy and opulent shade.

Your continued professional tree service has made our yard a show place and has protected the value of our property.  Our trees thrive!  Thank you so much for your professional and expert services.

The Warrens, Mobile, AL


I have to admit that when I saw the massive boom trucks stopping in front of the house it felt like HGTV was arriving. Thank you for your professional work and crew. They worked quickly and safely, the trees came down and they cleaned the yard completely.

It was a excellent experience and I will certainly recommend your company to my family and friends.

Thank you.    Cheryl Kennedy, Mobile, AL

bucket work.png

I have used Cain’s Tree and Landscape three times.

Each time they were on time, efficient, careful, thoughtful, professional and knew what they were doing. They worked fast and cleaned up completely. They even remembered to replace the little things. 

And, I truly liked them.  I could not ask for more.

I will never call anyone else.  I have and will continue to highly recommend them.

Betty Goulden, 3010 Goldeneye Dr, Mobile, AL


I am pleased to say thanks to your guys for the job they did at my home in DeToni Square.  My two neighbors who got in on the tree trimming were also pleased.

Your team was professional; they were focused, and hardly stopped working to even breathe.  They were careful and delicate moving the big truck in and out, and along my narrow driveway as they worked the tree line. Perfect positioning and small shoves assisted the big limbs falling perfectly.  It was amazing to see the boom glide through the sky into the difficult positions necessary to thin everything out. And the cleanup left everything spotless.  Also, your scheduler is delightful – if only she could control the weather.

Stay in business!  Lee Weissinger, 254 N Jackson Street

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CAIN’S TREE SERVICE, Inc 8701 Three Notch RD, Mobile, AL 36619
Phone: (251) 654-0862 || Open M-F, 9-5 CST

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