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Cain Tree Care Services Are Different!
We Are Better, and Often Cost Less Than Others. ISA Certified Arborist
Cain’s Tree Care professionals need to be talked with at annually to diagnose the safety and health of your larger trees.  We recommend regular inspection, proper pruning, good fertilization, and when necessary, removal.  Whenever you have a tree job of any size or description, Cain’s Tree is prepared to provide immediate:

Crown Thinning
Crown Lifting
Crown Reduction
Dead Wood Removal
Support Systems
Lightening Protection Systems
Stump Grinding
Fertilization & Mulching
Transplanting to new locations
New Plantings, provided by us
Tree Removal and site repair
Crown Thinning
Cain’s Tree achieves a healthy, structure by expertly thinning out the tree crown. This pruning allows ambient light to enter the foliage, which promotes long term-health and better growth.
Crown Lifting
We remove stray branches from the main trunk, enhancing visibility under the canopy, providing access for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
Crown Lifting
By reducing the size of a tree’s canopy we make sure to leave a more beautiful and better flowering line.
Dead Wood Removal
To maintain tree health, we remove broken, dead, or dying limbs from the tree crown. This helps the tree, and promotes the safety of people and property nearby.
Support Systems
Cain’s Tree cabling and limb bracing helps prevent large tree limbs from falling. We install steel wire, or synthetic fiber between limbs to limit movement and better support weak joints.  Tree limb support bracing is often needed at schools, in parks, and around college campus grounds that have high-traffic wooded areas.
Lightning Protection Systems
Cain’s unique lightning protection systems are tailored to individual customer need. Cain’s Tree protection systems help reduce tree damage by channeling electricity to the ground by a series’ of lightening rods and grounding wire cables.
Stump Grinding
Cain’s Tree is equipped to grind and remove multiple tree stumps.  Our crews back-fill with a mix of rich mulch and dense topsoil.
At Cain, we use pruning, mulching, soil aeration, and watering to keep trees healthy. When fertilization is required, we are conservative in our use of natural or chemical fertilizer.
Cain Tree specializes in relocating trees of almost any size over most any distance.
New Plantings
We’ll help select the trees that best suit your needs, and minimize shock and water loss during transportation. We also provide “after-care”: Mulching, watering and early pruning to help establish a healthy tree.
New Tree Removal
Dying, dangerous trees require removal. Cain’s Tree has professional quality equipment, trained serviced personnel, expertise and know-how to do the job in an outstanding manner.  Tree removal is recommended for trees which get hit by lightening, trees which may show root rot or open trunk cavities.

Call us for your annual assessment to protect your valuable property, your family and to beautify your landscapes.
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